White Earth

Price List 

All prices shown are a guide and the groom will be priced on coat condition, behaviour, and regularity of the groom schedule

All dogs will be given a full health check before the groom begins, this is inclusive of the price.

A Full groom consists of (De-shedding, wash, dry, cut or clip and nails)
All prices are from.

Medium  Dog:                                                                                                                                          Springer/Cocker spaniel, from £38

Cockapoo/ Cavapoo, Cavashon, Jackapoos, Poochons, Springerpoo from £42

Collie, from £45

Golden Retriever from £50

labradoodle from £40

Dalmatian from  £45

Schnauzer from £40-£42

Bull terriers from £35

Boxers from £38

Lurchers from £34

Labrador from £38

Small Dog:


Westie from £40

Yorkie from £37

Shih Tzu/ Lhasa Apso from £37

Bichon frise  from £42

Jack Russel Terrier from £37

Cavalier King Charles from £37

Small Terrier Breeds from £35-£37

Poodles from £42- £60

French bull dogs from £35

Pugs from £35

Boston Terriers from £35

Chihuahua (short haired) from £30 (long haired) from £35

Large dog:


Great Danes from £45

German shepherds from £50

Husky from £50

Golden doodles from £45-£60

Airedales from £50

Giant schnauzers from £53

Deer hounds from £30

Rottweilers from £40

Malamutes from £80

Newfoundland’s from ££80


Puppy Grooms


This will include only a bath and dry, clearing of the pads, hygiene’s, bottom, and nails.

They will also have a face trim if required. From £30

Teeth cleaning with ultrasound


Half an hour treatment £40 (on its own)


With the groom £35

Hand stripping:

Prices varies on breed, coat condition and behaviour, if you are wanting hand stripping please specify before appointment

Nails from £10 (if this requires 2 groomers this will £15)