About us

The Paw Pad Parlour Grooming Academy offers an inclusive environment for teaching any level/ experience of Grooming.

The Paw Pad Parlour Grooming Academy is an accredited school under the Darwin network that was founded by Kelly Gayler as seen in pooch perfect. Alongside her is Shelley Hill who is in partnership enabling schools such as myself to join them teaching the Open College Network qualification.   

This consists of a recognised level 3 diploma and First Aid Certification.  

The course runs over 10 months, 1 day a week on a Thursday. This is usually 9-5 however this can be a little flexible to work around other commitments such as school runs e.c.t.  

There will only ever be a maximum of 3 students attending the course, which means there is more 1-1 level of support on each trainee. 



Course fees:

The Level 3 diploma is a total of £5500 plus £360 admin fee, however, a package of over £300 worth of equipment is given at the start of the course.  

Monthly payments can be made at the end of each month consisting of £550 to help spread the cost more evenly. 

This is a high standard of training; the aim of the qualification is to enable you to be able to set up your own dog grooming business from when you finish the course, however, this does come down to your level of time and dedication to securing a future in this career path.  

For any further questions or information please contact Alicia on 07532145001 or feel free to look on Facebook: Paw Pad Parlour and Dog Grooming Academy.