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Disclaimer/ Terms and Conditions

THIS IS THE SALON POLICY for the following business’ The Paw Pad Parlour, Noble Paws and Hatties Hounds. All businesses in this salon will run the same policy and charge the same prices. AT THE END OF THIS DISCLAIMER PLEASE SIGN WITH WHICH BUSINESS YOU ARE USING.

Cancellations : Unfortunately, due to the amount of clients missing their pre-arranged appointments we will now be introducing a 50% deposit of the service you require payable upon booking the appointment, this will need to be paid either by Bank Transfer or cash.. NO BOOKINGS WILL BE MADE UNTIL A DEPOSIT IS RECEIVED. We require at least 48hrs notice for cancellation of appointments so that we can offer it to someone else who needs it. If less than 48 hours is given, a deposit will be kept to cover our time. If you do not turn up to your appointment, you will be required to pay in full for the service. Future bookings will require a further deposit to secure this. All of the aforementioned includes cancelling due to COVID OF ANY STRAIN. Covid will be around for the foreseeable future, if we were to not take a percentage from pre-arranged appointments, we would not last a year and would simply be out of business. If time elapsed is more than 6 months since last appointment (excluding hand stripped clients) The original deposit is void and  a new deposit and up to date paperwork is required due to limitations set by our insurances. 

Late arrivals; We ask you to arrive on time for your appointment, as we run a tight schedule. This is to limit the amount of dogs in the salon at any one time. If you are more than 15 minutes late, your appointment will be cancelled, unless we can accommodate this to our schedules. The deposit will be kept, a new deposit will be taken for future bookings.

Late pick-ups : Unfortunately due to people being late to pick up their dogs we are now charging a late fee as it can be difficult if we have a nervous or aggressive dog in the salon,if there is a legitimate reason for you being late we will allow a maximum of 15 minutes after the groom is completed for you to collect your dog otherwise the fee will be charged. After the 15 minutes is over, a £5 penalty will be incurred for every 15 minutes there-after.

Fleas : If you know your dog has fleas please re arrange your appointment (this will still require the 48 hours notice). If we discover fleas during their appointment we will notify you as soon as possible, you will incur an additional charge of £25. This is to cover treatment and fumigation of the salon and the time lost doing this. 

Health checks : All dogs are given health checks during the grooming process which we have been given full training for. This will show up any potential problems which may determine if the groom can be carried out. It also allows us to see any lumps or abnormalities, teeth issues or eye discharge etc. Any issues that may arise before, during or after the groom will be reported to the dogs owners by way of raising concerns and making them aware of any issues that they were not previously aware of, so that further steps can be taken by the owner. If during the groom we deem this process too stressful for your dog's welfare, the groom will be terminated and you will be requested to collect your dog. Full payment will still be required. We have a duty of care under The Welfare Act 2006, section 9. There is always a risk with Senior dogs/ dogs with health conditions, therefore a discussion with the owner will take place on inspection of the dog, to see if the groom is in the best interest of the dog, however, if in the unforeseen circumstances your dog passes away in our care we will not be held responsible.

BEHAVIOUR : If your dog is showing signs of aggression towards ourselves or equipment, we will stop and assess the situation, if we deem the behaviour a risk to the wellbeing of dog and groomer, a muzzle will be used for safety precautions to prevent injury to both parties. If the behaviour is severe and it extends the groom's time, an additional charge of £15 will be incurred.

MATTING ; A ZERO TOLERANCE APPROACH IS TAKEN IN THIS SALON, this is because of the welfare of the dog. MATTING CAUSES PAIN AND SUFFERING TO YOUR DOG. On inspection of the dog we will discuss with you whether we spot shave or completely shave ( spot shaving is where we locate the mat and shave it out). There will be an additional fee starting from £10 as this affects our equipment and is more time consuming.If you are aware of matting when booking please notify us so we can allocate extra time to do this, to not cause any excess pain or suffering. IF YOUR DOG IS MATTED INJURIES CAN OCCUR WHEN CLIPPING. We will not be held liable. Haematomas are a common occurrence after matt removal, particularly in the ear area. We will not be held liable.

Photos : Pictures of your dogs may be used for advertising for The Paw Pad Parlour, Noble Paws and Hatties Hounds If you do not consent to this, please let us know before the groom takes place. Thank you.


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