Welcome to Our Collaborative Grooming Hub at Paw Pad Parlour & Academy

At Paw Pad Parlour & Academy, we are proud to support a community of talented and passionate dog groomers. Our “Rent a Table” program is a key aspect of this community, providing a platform for skilled groomers to expand their businesses and ensure top-notch care for your pets. We embrace the diversity and expertise of our groomers, each adding their unique touch to the grooming experience.

Meet the girls

Meet the girls who rent a table with us currently.

Hi, my name is Megan. I am a Level 3 qualified dog groomer and the proud owner of Meg’s Pawfect Pups. I am based at the Paw Pad Parlour and Academy in Bear Street, Barnstaple, which is where I trained and gained Level 3 Open College Network Dog Grooming Qualification, with Canine First Aid.

Growing up I have always had pets and always dreamt of being able to work with animals every day. A couple of years ago, I found Alicia’s course at the Paw Pad Parlour Academy where I trained and found my passion for dog grooming. I decided to take the risk of changing my career path to open my own grooming business and I have never looked back. I absolutely love my job; all the cuddles and kisses make the challenging parts of the job so worth it!

I am a dog mum to two crazy Cocker Spaniels, Willow and Molly, who you may get to meet if it’s their turn to have their special pamper in the salon!

I have lots of experience working with aggressive and nervous dogs, by adapting my grooming techniques I can help to make the grooming environment less stressful for your pup. I will always ensure your pup is in a safe relaxing environment with lots of love and cuddles. Please be assured your much loved pet will be safe with me, their wellbeing will be my top priority throughout the groom.

I am looking forward to giving your lovely pup a pamper session at Meg’s Pawfect Pups soon!

Hello, my name is Kirsty. I am a passionate dog owner and I’ve always wanted to work with animals. I became interest in dog grooming when I had my first dog 13 years ago and finally took the step to gain my qualification in dog grooming. I am now a Level 3 Open College Network qualified dog groomer with canine first aid.

Meeting Alicia and training with her at The Paw Pad Parlour & Academy in Bear Street Barnstaple where I am now based has introduced me to the best time of my life. Please be assured I will always give your dog the best quality grooming service in a loving, safe, and relaxing environment with plenty of cuddles. Your dog’s wellbeing is my top priority, rest assured your beloved Fur Baby is in safe hands. In 2021 I succeeded in my goal and now I’m the proud owner of Tarka Paws named after my current dog ‘Tarka’ a Cockalier who you may meet occasional at the salon.

Why not treat your best friend to a pamper session at Tarka Paws.

Hi, my name is Ellie and I am the owner of Lulabell Dog Grooming. I have two miniature poodles, Lula and Paddy, that I was fortunate enough to rescue. Due to their high maintenance curly coats I was intrigued to learn more so joined onto the Level 3 Dog Grooming Academy with Alicia, in which I have completed alongside my first aid. I now rent a table in The Paw Pad Parlour where you can find me on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday!

I have not only grown up around dogs but also gained experience handling/training rescue dogs whilst working at the Dogs Trust as a Canine Carer. I work at the dogs pace, adjusting the groom to their individual needs to ensure all clients enjoy their visit🐾

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