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Paw Pad Parlour & Academy Salon Policy

Welcome to Paw Pad Parlour & Academy. Our commitment to providing exceptional grooming services is matched by our dedication to maintaining a fair and transparent relationship with our clients. Please familiarize yourself with our salon policy, applicable to all businesses operating within our premises.

Cancellations and Deposits

Booking Deposits: A 50% deposit of the service cost is required upon booking an appointment, payable via Bank Transfer or cash. Appointments are confirmed only after receiving the deposit. Cancellation Notice: We require at least 48 hours’ notice for appointment cancellations to offer the slot to others. Deposits will be forfeited if less than 48 hours’ notice is given. No-Shows: Full payment of the service will be required for missed appointments. A new deposit will be necessary for future bookings. COVID-19 Policy: Cancellations due to COVID-19, regardless of strain, will adhere to the standard cancellation policy. Long-Term Absence: For clients returning after more than 6 months (except hand-stripped clients), the initial deposit becomes void, and a new deposit along with updated paperwork is required due to insurance limitations.

Late Arrivals and Pick-ups

Arrival Time: Please arrive on time. Late arrivals over 15 minutes may result in appointment cancellation, subject to our schedule. Late Pick-up Fee: A £5 penalty will apply for every 15 minutes beyond a 15-minute grace period post-groom completion, to accommodate for potential disruptions in the salon.

Health and Safety

Fleas: Please reschedule if your dog has fleas (48 hours’ notice required). A £25 fee applies if fleas are discovered during grooming, covering treatment and salon fumigation. Health Checks: Comprehensive health checks are performed, and any issues will be reported to the owner. The groom may be terminated if deemed too stressful for the dog, with full payment still required.   Behaviour Management: Aggressive behaviour may necessitate the use of a muzzle for safety. Severe behaviour extending grooming time incurs an additional £15 fee. Matting Policy: A ZERO TOLERANCE APPROACH IS TAKEN IN THIS SALON, this is because of the welfare of the dog. MATTING CAUSES PAIN AND SUFFERING TO YOUR DOG. On inspection of the dog we will discuss with you whether we spot shave or completely shave ( spot shaving is where we locate the mat and shave it out). There will be an additional fee starting from £10 as this affects our equipment and is more time consuming. If you are aware of matting when booking please notify us so we can allocate extra time to do this, to not cause any excess pain or suffering. IF YOUR DOG IS MATTED INJURIES CAN OCCUR WHEN CLIPPING. We will not be held liable. Haematomas are a common occurrence after matt removal, particularly in the ear area. We will not be held liable.

Photography Consent

Usage of Images: We may use photos of your dogs for advertising purposes. Please inform us prior to grooming if you do not consent. For any clarifications or additional information, feel free to contact us.

Client Agreement

By signing below, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agree to the terms and conditions outlined above. —– These Terms & Conditions form a binding agreement between the client and the businesses operating under Paw Pad Parlour & Academy.

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